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Paleo Cookie Recipe ? How to Bake Some Extremely Yummy Paleo Diet Cookies

Posted on 04 January 2011 by admin

Oh man, I just had some paleo diet cookies and they were reeeeeally delicious! I’m very pleased that the whole batch turned out alright, so you know what I’m going to do now?

Well, I’m going to share this extremely yummy paleo cookie recipe with you. I want you to try out this paleo cookie recipe and then go right ahead and spread the joy…

Yes spread the joy my friend! Meaning you should share the cookies with your loved ones, family, friends, your pet tortoise or hamster, whatever…It’s all one love from here on out!

You know, my fiancé used to chide me for going on the paleo diet. She said “the caveman diet” was boring because you can’t consume pasta (her fave food), preservatives, rice and other staple foods of most people on this planet.

So when I said to her I wanted to try this paleo cookie recipe, she just scoffed and said it’s going to taste “really bland” like most paleo diet meals.

Now, what she didn’t know is that I had downloaded a collection of Paleolithic diet cookbooks. I’ve tried some of the recipes in those cookbooks and they tasted fine. That gave me the confidence to give this paleo cookie recipe a test drive!

You can check out the cookbooks by visiting this link: Downloadable Paleo Cookbooks Set

Alright, I apologize for blabbing too much. Here’s the paleo cookie recipe. Try it!

You’ll need – – > 2 tbs arrowroot powder, 1 cup coconut flakes, ½ cup of maple syrup, ½ tsp organic kelp salt alternative (or just use the regular one if you like), ¼ cup of sesame seeds, ¼ cup of sunflower seeds, ½ cup of finely chopped pecan, 1 tsp of vanilla essence, 4 egg whites


(1)    Beat the egg whites until stiff peak have formed.

(2)    Dry fry coconut flakes, pecan and seeds until they become slightly brown.

(3)    Drop arrowroot powder, salt and egg whites in a bowl and combine well.

(4)    Fold in coconut, pecan seeds and maple syrup until combined well.

(5)    Lay a parchment paper onto your cookie sheet or jelly roll pan. Next, scoop the mixture with a tablespoon and place on the paper.

(6)    Finally, bake the mix at 150 degrees C for approximately 25 minutes or so. Once the cookies are fully browned wait for them to cool and then…

Eat, eat, eat and don’t forget to spread the joy! Also don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for giving this paleo cookie recipe a shot. Good luck!

Need more paleo diet recipes?

Once again, you can check out the aforementioned paleo cookbooks where you’ll get access to over 200 perhaps 300 recipes tasty recipes.

I don’t recall the exact number because I’ve only tried a handful and so far, so good. There are recipes for paleo style nut balls, raisin cookies, nut delights, salads, seafood, noodles, soups and whatever…I’m too tired to list them all – sorry!

Check it out at – – > http://www.paleorecipecookbooks.info/

Sam Hutchinson

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A Look at Some of the Ingredients for Cold Appetizers

Posted on 04 January 2011 by admin

On various cookery sites & cookery books, the user can access the various types of appetizer recipes like hot appetizers recipes & cold appetizer recipes. The user can download these recipes according to his preference & download whole recipes with ingredient, which are required for making & download the comment, reviews for his cookery knowledge.

On some sites, there is a collection of five star cold appetizers with recipes. Cold appetizers are largely used in restaurants, hotels, bars & food café. In these food parlors, these cold appetizers are playing a role of assistance for maintaining the hunger. so that is why in long going mid night parties, party lovers can rely on cold appetizers & so they can easily wait till the night meal.

The social entertaining centers & their customers are the highest consumers of cold appetizers. We can access the cookery site for getting recipe related information of cold appetizers. The following listed are cold appetizers with its preparation methods.

Veggie Pizza is a five star cold appetizer, which is a vegetarian pizza. This pizza is very tasty for eating which coated with cream cheese and fresh veggies. It dished up chilled on a semi-circular roll crust.

The key ingredients for this cold appetizer are package of curved roll, cream cheese that is softened, half-tablespoon mayonnaise, one-tablespoon dill weed, salt and pepper which is added according to taste and veggies Cheddar Cheese. We can also add some vegetable flour to this cold appetizer by adding green onions, tomatoes, broccoli, green paper & cheddar cheese. We can use six pieces of this Veggie Pizza, which is sufficient to serve.

In the method of preparation of these cold appetizers, firstly you have to preheat the microwave oven for 350 degree. Then spread the pizza dough on the pan having size of 13* 9. You have to bake this pizza appetizer for 10 to 15 minutes until it gets lightly browned in color. By considering safety, wait for cooling process. Now mix some cream, weed that are dilled, cream cheese, salt & paper on this pizza appetizer. Now swell up crust, which is coolest. Now put the finishing touch to this veggie pizza cold appetizer with veggies and cheese.

The next five star cold appetizer is Red Onion Chip Dip. The key ingredients for this cold appetizer is one packet of cheese cream which is softened, half cup of salad which are used for decorating like miracle whip which should not be mayonaise. Also use two tablespoon of grated onions, two tablespoon of sauce which is called as Worcestershire. Also take use of one bulky packet of potato chips.

In the method of making the Red Onion Chip Dip, take a mixture of cream cheese, salads dressing in a medium tensile & punch it till it get soft. Then add up some onion , sauce of Worcestershire and again muddle up them together till it get merge. Then freeze this mixture for approximately 10 minutes & then mix & shift it to a tiny serving tensile. So now, this Red Onion Chip Dip cold appetizer is ready for tasting.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Appetizers for Years. For More Information on cold appetizers, Visit His Site at COLD APPETIZERSI Will Also Highly Appreciate Your Views On cold appetizers At My Blog here

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A Look at Some of the Best Appetizers That You Can Provide Your Guests

Posted on 04 January 2011 by admin

The appetizers are becoming the first choice of menus in various party occasions, gatherings, festive occasions & weekend parties. There are plenty of recipes of appetizers are prepared in the party to provide festival atmosphere to their guests. So tasty, crunchy appetizers provide lot of funs to guests while enjoying the parties. Therefore, parties are the source from where we can get the best appetizers of that particular season.

We cannot imagine any night party instead of appetizers. The party guests enjoy their party by eating many appetizers while chitchatting with their friends & relatives. The appetizer recipe like finger foods give them lots of fun by eating them with fingers.

Some cookery sites provide us lots of information about how to make these appetizers recipes. We can download these recipes for making these appetizers & organize such parties with lots of best appetizers of particular season.

In weekend parties, bars & mid-night parties, people taste various types of appetizers with their beverages, drinks, wines. Also some people use appetizers with tea & coffee & salad. It is common thing to serve the appetizers before dinner at night parties. These appetizers are very handy, crunchy to eat & this is first entrance of the dinner. So buy tasting appetizers people can wait for the late night dinners. So all these assistance regarding hunger & party enjoyment make them best appetizers among food & beverages sections of the party.

For party lovers, there are some cookery sites, which provide best appetizers with their recipes. These sites are surfed in large scale by the hotels, restaurant, catering services. These hotel communities use these party recipes of appetizers for catering their customers with fresh, delicious & crunchy appetizers. Therefore, that shows that the party lovers are addicted of best appetizers.

On cookery sites & their provided links, we can download the best appetizers with their recipes, their ingredients for preparation and get reviews, comments of the users of such appetizers. There are some of the best appetizers, which are listed below.

There are best appetizers like Grilled Figs that are made up of Rosemary and cheese of the goat which are brown in color. Baked Artichoke Dip, Seared Beef with Wasabi Cream Cheese, Prosciutto with Buffalo Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes, Blue Cheese & Mushroom Bruschetta, Boiled Spicy Shrimp, Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, Grilled Anaheim Chilis Stuffed with Jalapeno Jack Cheese, Hot Crab and Shrimp Dip are also some types of best party appetizers.

Apart from the listing of best party appetizers, there are some links & special categories of the best recipes from all over the world. The cookery websites provide such best-nominated recipes of best appetizers in alphabetical format & if you love to enjoy and organize party, then you can register your account on particular website for accessing latest details about the best appetizers.

You access the best recipes according to their first name. For instance, on cookery website, we can view the best appetizer recipes which start from A like Almond Kisses Recipe, Apple Rory Polies Recipe 1 and so we can search for other best appetizer recipes start from other alphabets.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Appetizers for Years. For More Information on best appetizers, Visit His Site at BEST APPETIZERSI Will Also Highly Appreciate Your Views On best appetizers At My Blog here

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